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Puppies of the past with their new families.

Here at Desert Rose Yorshire Terriers, we are dedicated to raising beautiful, healthy and well-socialized puppies.

This is Paul DOB 5-21-2009, from Mia and Copper, now Cooper!
Too Cute!

Jack, Reagan, Morgan, Mitzi and Gretzky

Molly and Ruby

Prissy with new owners and past pup of ours Buddy!

Roxy went to live with the Kapana
family from Vancouver Washington.

Mom Teresa with Heidi and daughter Kathryn with Maylu

Lacy with her new Mommy, Kimberly!

Thumper went to live with Vicki.C in Oregon.

This is a past pup of ours (now
Sassy) owned by the Harris'.
Sadly a neighbors dog
attacked and killed her! :- (

Angel with new owners Tiffany and Alan.

Skittles and her new family with Jennifer in Idaho.

Violet and her new family Cassie and Stephanie from Washington.

Velvet went to live with Tia, Mom and her new friend...in Oregon.

Zoro went to live with the Henning family in Boise Idaho...Moms B-Day present!

Zack went to live with Brittany in California.

Valentino is living with Paul W. in Oregon

Zoie is with her new parents Debbie and Bill from Oregon.

Austin now (Havok) went to live with
the Beisse family from Portland Oregon.

This is Bridget, daughter to Taffy and Rooty!
She went to live with Tammie L in New Mexico!

Duke with his new mom Nicole (in
the middle) from Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Tammie and her daughter Joanna from New Mexico with Bridget

This is Holly and Rooty's pup with his new
owners Deborah and Frank from California!

Dusty with his new owner LouAnna V. from Vancouver Wa.

This is Taffy and Rooty's Bella DOB 11/10/2009!

Too Cute!

Amber and Finny's Jacob DOB 9/23/2009.

Missy and Cooper's Tommy DOB 9/10/2009.

Sweet Pea and Kahnner's Eric DOB 3/6/2010.

Sweet Peas tiny girl went to California
to live with Katie's grandmother, Patty.
This is their second pup.

Sweet Peas little Eric (now Blaze), is living
with Harry and Phyllis in Baker City, Oregon.

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