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Here at Desert Rose Yorshire Terriers, we are dedicated
to raising beautiful, healthy, and well-socialized puppies.

Below is a sample of our contract.

Desert Rose Yorkies Sample Contract.

Thank you for purchasing a pup from me, Georgia Endsley at Desert Rose Yorkies. I take pride 
in every pup that leaves my care and becomes a part of your family. I the breeder, Georgia Endsley, 
believe this pup is in good health at the time of pick up. I do not guarantee him/her for breeding 
or showing (unless otherwise stated). Buyer is  required to have the puppy examined by a licensed 
veterinarian within three (3) business days from date when Buyer assumes custody of the Puppy. A 
copy of that vet exam must be emailed or sent to Georgia Endsley at Desert Rose Yorkies within 20 
days from purchase date of pup. If this requirement is not fulfilled within the time given this 
guarantee is null and void.

Your pup has had at least one Galaxy DA2PPv puppy shot. Shot and deworming record is included 
with every pup. Do not let your veterinarian administer your puppy an immunization shot that 
contains LEPTOSPIROSIS for it can put the puppy in shock.  

I give a ONE year guarantee, from birth, against life threatening Congenital
or Hereditary defects that are limited to: heart, lung or liver. 

If one of these defects is found within one year, the puppy, their AKC registration papers (if given 
by Georgia Endsley) and a detailed statement from your vet of the nature of the defect must be returned 
to Georgia Endsley to be reviewed by her vet before a replacement pup of equal value can be given.  

If the puppy should pass away due to one of these defects within ONE year, the puppy’s AKC registration 
(if given by Georgia Endsley) and a detailed statement from your vet of the findings from an autopsy 
of the nature of the defect must be returned to Georgia Endsley to be reviewed by her vet before a 
replacement pup of equal value can be given. 

***In any case I am to provide a replacement pup I reserve the right to have 1 year to do so. In the 
event there is a defect covered under this contract and you choose not to return the pup (if still 
alive), his/her AKC registration or provide a statement from your vet, this contract will be void and 
I will not be responsible for providing a replacement pup. Any/all vet and shipping costs after pup 
leaves Desert Rose Yorkies are the responsibility of the Buyer.***

Buyer understands that the following cosmetic defects are not considered serious or life threatening 
and therefore are not covered under this contract. Hernias, un descended testicles, hearing or visual 
impairments, kidney/bladder infection, under/over bite (baby teeth sometimes are retained but can be
removed when pup is spayed/neutered) or a slight luxating patella of  grade 1 or 2. 

If the dog is guaranteed by me to be breeding quality, the following will be covered. Hernias, 
un descended  testicles and under/over bite.

Buyer understands that replacement option is only valid when health problems are attributed to a 
hereditary or congenital problem and not due to an accident or contagious and/or other illness. 

This guarantee does not cover parasites, loose stool, Coccidia, Giardia, Hypoglycemia (low sugar), 
Kennel Cough or any condition that can be corrected  by veterinarian treatment. We can not guarantee 
the type of coat, color of coat, adult weight or personality of any pup.

Tails are docked and dew claws are removed shortly after birth. Sometimes a dew claw grows back and 
removal of the dew claw is at the expense of the buyer. We reserve the right to hold a puppy back if 
we feel it is not ready to leave ( usually if they are tiny). We do not require you to have a fenced 
yard but we encourage it for the safety of your pet. If you live in an apartment or rent a home it is 
important that you have permission to keep a dog.

Each party acknowledges receiving a copy of this agreement. Buyer has read and agrees to all conditions of 
the above contract. For purposes of this contract the puppy was sold in the state of Oregon. A non-refundable 
deposit of $350.00 is required to hold a puppy . Personal checks accepted for deposit only, balance due when 
puppy is picked up. Shipping is $300.00 and that includes: air fair, flight insurance, health certificate, 
kennel and rabies shot (if needed).

This puppy is being sold as a PET NO PAPERS.

Breeding rights are given for an additional charge of $300.00 for males and $500.00 for females, 
and will guarantee breeding quality at 1 year of age for males and 2 years of age for females. Bitch's must 
reach 5 lbs and weight must be taken by a vet with proof of weight from vet given to Georgia Endsley on that 
vet's stationary. AKC papers will be provided after proof of weight from your vet at appropriate age for
sex of your dog. I must be informed of intent to breed before pup is picked up to be eligible for 
breeding rights. I have the right to refuse the option of you receiving breeding rights on any pup 
I feel is not going to be breeder quality at time of pick up.

** NOTE** This Guarantee is not transferable.

Sex of Pup: _______	Whelped: ___________	Litter #: ____________

Sire: ______________________		Sire Registration: _____________

Dame: ____________________		Dame Registration:____________

Total Price:_________	Deposit placed: $_____	Amount Due:________

Buyer (Print):_______________________	Phone:__________________


Email address:________________________________


Dated this ____ day of _____________, 2009, in Baker City, Oregon.

_______________________			_______________________
Buyer Signature				Georgia Endsley


Our Prices are as follows:
Traditional females $1800
Tiny Traditional females $2000
Parti females $2200
Tiny Parti females $2400
Traditional males $1400
Tiny Traditional males $1600
Parti males $1800
Tiny Parti males $2000
Contact us for more information.

Visits by appointment only

We reserve the right to hold puppy if we feel it is not ready to leave.
It is best to keep pups away from other pups, pet stores, city
streets, parks and playgrounds, etc., until pups are 16 weeks of
age and have had complement of puppy vaccinations (min of 3).


If at any time you decide the dog is not working out for you
or need to rehome it for ANY reason, we will take the dog/pup
back and we will find a loving, permanent home for it.
At no time are you allowed to resell or give said dog
to the humane society or any kind of dog rescue.
If you wish to sell the dog, you must contact us first.
We will take the pup and place him/her for you.

Home checks prior to placement will be at our discretion.
If you live in an apartment or rent a home, we do require that you provide us
with written notice from your landlord that you have permission to keep a dog.


Payment Policy

A deposit of $350.00 is required to hold a puppy.
This will apply to your final price.
If you change your mind for any reason,
the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE!


We accept the following forms of payment:
Certified check
Bank check
Money order
Cash (US $)

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