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FOOD � The food must be available at ALL times. These babies are
susceptible to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). To prevent this be sure your
new puppy is eating. If the puppy isn�t eating give it ½ teaspoon of
karo syrup, honey or Nutri-Cal. Do not wait to see if they start eating later.

WATER - The puppy is used to drinking from a bowl. Please be sure it is drinking
plenty of water. Dehydration is a killer for a puppy just like it is for humans.

REST � DO NOT over stimulate a young puppy. The young puppy
should not be allowed vigorous activity at all and play should
be limited to 30 minutes at a time for the next several weeks. Take
your puppy to a quiet place for them to sleep and have quiet time.

Lastly if your puppy is not behaving in a normal manner, as it did here, call me
immediately. I will not be held responsible if I am not made aware of a problem
and if my directions are not followed in taking care if this Baby. DO NOT take
the puppy outside for (house breaking) until it has had its third (3rd) SHOT.

FURNISHED � Your puppy will come with some food, blanket and toy.

Puppies are deemed "ready" at 8-10 weeks of age. By that time, they:

* are weaned from the mother, at about 4 weeks we start to wean by giving them "mush".

* have had their dew claws removed.

* have had their tails docked.

* have had their first round of vaccinations

* have been dewormed.

* have been around children, other dogs and adults.

For the first 72 hours get acquainted; you and your new puppy need time, so keep
them at home. And try to have the whole weekend for just you and your new puppy.

Do not allow them around strange dogs until their vaccinations are complete.

Your puppy has been on a strict vaccination and worming program.
You will be given a record of this and instructions on further health needs.

Your puppy will be sent home with a few days supply of the kibble that we have been
feeding them until you can get to the store and pick some up, however we do recommend
that you have everything already set up for your new puppy before picking them up.

Remember that your puppy is a baby. They potty when they wake up, after they eat,
after they play and before they go to sleep. Take them out often to prevent accidents.

Make sure your puppy has lots of toys. Don't make the mistake of allowing your puppy
to chew on socks because they don't know the difference between your socks and
their own play socks. Avoid rawhide, it is really not good to be given to puppies.

It is very important that your puppy be supplied water and food at all times. It is crucial
that if your puppy doesn't eat and drink enough that you consult your veterinarian.

Don't housebreak your puppy in too big an area. We recommend you use the
puppy crate. Your success in housebreaking your puppy will progress quickly
if the puppy is confined to a small area while your busy and not playing with him.

When using a crate always make sure that your puppy is near you and the family.
If you are watching tv, make sure he is in the room right next to you where he can hear
and see you. If he whines, tell him "quiet", he will catch on. Never remove
the puppy while he is whimpering, wait until he has stopped, and then remove him.

When you take your puppy out, take him out on a leash and take him to the area that you
want him to be going. Do not change this routine or you will confuse your puppy. Be sure to
tell him to go potty, or whatever word or phrase you want to use to teach him to go potty on
command. If he does not relieve himself, bring him back in and place him in his crate and
then take him again in 20 minutes. As soon as he goes, praise him, but do not over do it.

Paper training, or litter box training your Yorkie is another option and is done
in the same way but taking them to the box or paper instead of outside.

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